The Struggle of Guyana’s Economy

The Stabilize Ecconomy of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is small archipelagic nation. A country of republic and has no territories and colonies. A small country that has a stabilize economy, although they’re facing a large problem in their land.The economy of Cape Verde is serviced-oriented, with commerce, transport, and public services accounting for more than 70 percent of its GDP. The overall business environment has become more efficient. The small island economy benefits significantly from a sound and transparent framework that institutionalizes and supports the rule of law.One the most important growth sector of the island is their tourism, along with transportation and infrastructure. Being a country that is prone to drought, Cape Verde is a country that has a few natural resources that result to produce only 10 percent of its foods. Perhaps, Cape Verde’s most important asset is strategic on economic location. Their country is an important refuelling location for air (Amilcar Cabral International Airport on the Island of Sal) and ocean traffic. Travel and d tourism is now one of the most significant parts of the Cape Verdean economy.

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